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Young Lincolnshire Terms of Use:

Our Rules:

We don’t like too many rules, but we do take safeguarding seriously, so please have a read:

  • Young Lincolnshire posts information which they believe is correct at the time of posting.
  • Keep all content legal and if you see any content which is disrespectful, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, fraudulent, unfriendly, using inappropriate language (including swearing) or making personal comments about another member of the public let us know and we will do something about it straight away. We do try to monitor the site regularly and there is no excuse for anyone not abiding by our simple rules and respecting each other.
  •  By submitting content (including words, images, links and videos) for the website you confirm that you have permission to use it and have credited individuals where necessary. Young Lincolnshire will defer any claims to the person who submitted the material and who has sole responsibility for the content displayed. Young Lincolnshire cannot be held accountable for any such content. Any links to other social media sites must also abide by these rules.
  • We do not endorse the discounts and offers posted on the site so please appreciate these may be out of date when accessed.
  • Young Lincolnshire has the right to remove any content at any time without reproach.
  • We may change these rules at any time so please check back regularly.


  • Content on this site is submitted by individuals or organisations who have no rights in the decision making of Young Lincolnshire, unless they are submitted by a member of LCVYS, LYA or DV. Young Lincolnshire does not take responsibility for the content that its members post, however if you see something posted that belongs to you and breaks your licencing terms then get in touch via the contact us page.
  • Most content and photos used on the website are All Rights reserved unless otherwise stated, so if you want to use any content, drop us an email.

Young Lincolnshire is a brand in partnership with LCVYS, LYA and DV (Information about these organisations can be found on this website here)

For more details on our Privacy Policy and Staying Safe, please click on the appropriate links at the bottom of our homepage.

(Last reviewed March 2015)